Moog Sub37 Synth

Moog Sub 37 Synth | Stereoworx

Since 2012 I started getting into (bass) synths. I truly believe it’s a skill you have to master as a bass player and producer. I got into bass playing because of Michael Jackson’s album Thriller. Just listen to these monster bass lines of Billy Jean or P.Y.T. created by the Moog Minimoog D.

After playing with some virtual instruments by Native Instruments I really wanted to pick up a nice hardware synth.

Weapon of choice: Moog Sub37. I bought it at TURNLAB. Good service, super keyboard! Review coming soon, but make sure you check out these video’s (Funky bass player Alex Al, also supposed to be the bass player of the latest MJ tour.).

If you have cool video’s about bass synths. Don’t hesitate to post them.

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