Bucket list, check!


Sometimes you have dreams of venues/stages were you want to play with your band or projects. You make your own music bucket list!

Last year I played with Wahwahsda at Openluchttheater Deurne (OLT). This was like a dream came true. But you want to aim higher and want to do that same venue with your own band, bigger crowd, bigger production…

After doing great sessions at Arenberg with The Bobby James Family, we finally had the chance to do an “invite-session” at OLT. Seeing Marcus Miller one week before your own gig in that same venue, doesn’t make you less nervous!

The set contained 75% instrumental funk and soul and ended with our invited guest, Ludovic Nyamabo, lead singer of Belgian band Grand Hammond. We were well prepared and came up with some new tunes! But then something happend what we could never predict. The show went sold-out!

2000 People in front of you, a never ending cue. The real dream came true!

We want to thank Arenberg and OLT for believing in us as band and making this happen. See you back in 2016 with new sessions!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF5IRXkm1-g”]